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This Captain America moded Xbox 360 brings all the Avengers to the yard


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Damn right, it’s better than yours.  Err, so Zim Props posted a preeeetty sweet moded Xbox 360 inspired by both Captain America and the Avengers.  Just look at that thing below!  It’s sleek, blue, PATRIOTIC, and even give homage to the Avengers on the back side. 

Besides the well-known Captain America shield covering part of the well-known faulty Xbox 360 vent, I can’t possibly find any issue in this mod.  All and all it’s just a beautifully crafted.  On top of all this, the creator is willing to recreate this FOR YOU if you are willing to email him to discuss design and price.  Soooo, that’s definitely a thing.      

Captain America 1

Captain America 2


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