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Witcher developer adapting Cyberpunk tabletop RPG

CD Projekt RED, makers of The Witcher games based on Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski's works, are now adapting the pen-and-paper RPG Cyberpunk.

The developer made the announcement today at its Summer Conference, saying it “will not be a game for everybody.” It will be a mature and violent title with a non-linear narrative and gameplay mechanics evolved from the tabletop RPG. The game will also feature character classes and a “gigantic” assortment of weapons, upgrades, and implants, as well as “cool, high-tech toys.”

R. Talsorian Games originally published the role-playing game in 1987. It's the company's most famous product, along with Castle Falkenstein.

CD Projekt has recruited the game creator, Michael Pondsmith, to assist the development team. The studio wants the title to break new ground for futuristic RPGs.

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